The Dinner Motivator

You know how much fun it is to have small children at the dinner table (if you’re a parent, that is). But it can also be extremely frustrating: they take a long time to eat or they keep climbing out of their chairs. Well, the solution is here!

Small children bring joy to the table with their fun stories and laughter. With every dinner you make sweet memories. But sometimes… Sometimes you just can’t take their antics; they’re not eating, running away from the table, not sitting still on their chairs, complaining about food. It’s a hassle to motivate them to eat, and you keep repeating the same sentences over-and-over again. Aaargh!

It can be frustrating to keep motivating your children to eat

This is why I invented the “Dinner Motivator”: a small machine you place on your table which keeps iterating the same sentences so you don’t have to. From now on you can eat in peace. It says things like: “Please keep eating!”, “Finish your plate”, “Stay seated”, “Don’t put your fingers in your mouth”, “Take a bite”, “Take another bite”, “No talking until you finished at least half your food”, “Don’t talk with your mouth full”, “For the love of god, please keep eating”

The Dinner Motivator supports three languages: Dutch, English and German. It has 130+ pre-recorded messages making sure you’ll never get annoyed with repetitions!

The Dinner Motivator (branded “Calmic 2000” in the stores) comes in three settings*:

  • gentle motivation: “please keep eating, honey”
  • normal: “stay seated”
  • strongly commanding: “TAKE ANOTHER BITE, NOW!”

Mockup of the Dinner Motivator

*due to the nature of the language, the German version only supports the setting “strongly commanding”

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