Afterglow for lamps

Old lamps had this nice little feature where they stayed on a little while after you turned them off. This afterglow came from the way these lamps (incandescent lamps) are constructed: the flow of electricity heats up the filament, which then gives light. After flipping the switch the accumulated heat takes a while to dissipate.

New LED-lamps don’t have this anymore: they just turn off.

Bringing back the warmth

I don’t know about you, but I quite liked the afterglow of old lamps. Luckily it’s quite simple to adapt an LED-lamp so it works the same. Just add a condensator (capacitor) to the construction. Of course, ‘on’ should be instant (not like the cheap CFL lamps that have to warm-up).

This is a more natural feeling: no other light-source just flicks on and off. The sun, candles…

What’s the difference?

Here’s an example of a normal lamp:

A normal lamp turning off and on

And here’s what it would look like with some afterglow:

An 'afterglow' lamp turning off and on

That’s pretty sweet 😀

Who can make me such a lamp?

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